About the project

‘Cortanovci’ tunnel and viaduct

The modernization and construction of the two-track open railway ‘Stara Pazova’ – ‘Novi Sad’ (40.4 kilometers), including the construction of the tunnel and viaduct "Cortanovci", are part of the project for the construction of a high-speed railway between Belgrade and Budapest. These works are being made available by the Russian company RZD International, and the project is financed from a Russian loan for the modernization of Serbian railways. The tunnel and viaduct "Cortanovci", which are located on the line ‘Stara Pazova’ – ‘Novi Sad’, are one of the largest investments and infrastructure construction sites in this part of Europe. Two tunnel pipes are being built, each with one track, 1.2 kilometers long. The viaduct will be 2.9 kilometers long and will carry 59 pillars, the tallest of which will be 28 meters.

Construction of viaduct and tunnels

The viaduct is located right next to the right bank of the Danube and consists of two structures. The beginning of the viaduct is connected by a gallery to the exit of the tunnel. The rest of the construction is divided into five segments. So far, works on the construction of the foundations of all 59 pillars that will carry the viaduct have been completed. 56 pillars have been completely built, and the construction of the remaining three pillars is in the final phase. In addition to the construction of pillars, works are also being carried out on the construction of the main carriers of the viaduct structure.
The complex in “Cortanovci” consists of a tunnel with two ‘tubes’ with a total length of 2,240 meters (1,150 m and 1,090 m), as well as two viaduct structures with a total length of 5,931 meters (2,936 m and 2,995 m). The total value of the reconstruction of the railway on the stretch ‘Stara Pazova’-‘Novi Sad’ is USD 585 million, of which only the value of the complex in ‘Cortanovci’ is USD 337.6 million.

'Stara Pazova'-'Novi Sad' Railway

As with highways in road traffic, high-speed railways are completely independent corridors, with no intersections with other modes of traffic, minimal uphills and wide radii of curves. Therefore, in addition to the complex in “Cortanovci”, two smaller viaducts and two galleries, nine underpasses, two overpasses, four bridges, three pedestrian and bicycle underpasses and four station underpasses must be built on the route of the ‘Stara Pazova’- ‘Novi Sad’ section. The route of the ‘Stara Pazova’- ‘Novi Sad’ railway has a total length of 40.44 km. The length of the railway route without bridges and tunnels is 34.16 km, ie the length of bridges and tunnels is 5.80 km or 17% of the route. So far, about 14 kilometers of new railway (from 36-50 km) have been laid on the open route of the railway, and the two-track railway has been designed with technical parameters for the following speeds: 200 km / h on the part Stara Pazova-Karlovački Vinogradi, 160 km / h on part of ‘Karlovački Vinogradi’ – ‘Petrovaradin’ and 100 km / h in the part of ‘Petrovaradin’-‘Novi Sad’.

Text source(s) Serbian Railway Infrastructure and Beobuild.rs

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