We offer all types of finishing works in the construction industry: plaster works, flooring works, painting works, wallpaper gluing, electrical installation, ceramic works, production of interior and exterior facades ...

Painting works, such as coloring, smoothing and rolling walls and gluing wallpaper, are one of the inevitable finishing works.

Final painting works can be divided into two basic groups:

- Preparation of the surface for coloring, which is the most frequent and most important action, followed by lubrication of the surface and filling some of the smaller holes, etc.

- Painting the surface as the finishing touch can be done with a wide range of colors alongside a choice of quality. Quality determines the choice of the type of paint to be applied (semi-dispersion, dispersion, acrylic) and the choice of the manufacturer. The basic difference in quality is in the tones we receive; with the semi-dispersion paint it is not possible to achieve strong tones, while acrylic paint can bring out all the tones. Also, colors differ in their resistance to wear, acrylic are much more persistent and are waterproof, i.e., can be wiped with a damp cloth.

Ceramic and granite tiles, as one of the most durable materials, are commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens for surface coating. With high resistance to water, moisture, high and low temperatures, they are ideal for covering surfaces on terraces or outer stairs.A wide range of colors, sizes and patterns provide you with countless options as well as different grades in quality that directly affect the price of ceramics. In addition to the basic material in the form of tiles, the quality of other necessary materials, such as adhesives or ‘fugomal’ (waterproof mix for grouting), is also important.