Hire Manojlovic Construction Center for the need of transforming all wooden surfaces, hardwood flooring, roof repairing or placing roof tiles.

Starting from the fact that wood is one of the most profitable investments in construction woodwork; wooden windows made of laminated wood represent the highest quality product in construction carpentry.

Painting wooden surfaces with water-based paints will make your home look very modern from the outside and from the inside it will give out that unique warm feeling that only wooden windows provide.

With proper installation and care, today's carpentry can serve you for decades. Wood is irreplaceable material due to its physical, mechanical and technical properties. Wooden windows have the best thermal and sound insulation as opposed to all other materials. This is especially important because of the microclimate of the enclosed space, for example in our bedrooms, where each of us produce large amount of water during breathing and sweating, only wooden windows can eject, through the diffusion, that amount of moisture out, and as-well insert the necessary moisture inside.